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Well, I'm not going to divulge that much infomation about myself. I guess you could say I am a somewhat private person, however I must admit it is nice to find out a little bit about people when surfing through personal homepages so here goes.

I am currently a stay at home mom with a wonderful husband and two beautiful children; a five year old son and a three year old daughter. As much as I would love to put up pictures of my children to show them off (what parent doesn't?), for my children's safety I don't feel that that is in their best interests, nor do I feel comfortable with that, so you won't see any pictures of my family on my pages.

This is my first attempt at building a web page. What you see on my pages is what I have self-taught myself so far. I am still experimenting with different things (and learning many others) trying to decide exactly how I want to have my pages look, so you will probably see a little bit of everything on my pages. Who knows, maybe I never will decide exactly how I want them.

Let's see.....I like to read, I enjoy crocheting (the same thing as knitting if you ask my husband lol) and I like gardening - the floral type that is - I haven't planted a vegetable garden since I was a kid and did it every spring with my dad......that's what we were doing when Mt. St Helens blew....we all thought it was a cannon going off, boy were we way off base. But I'm thinking about maybe putting in a small one this year....we'll have to see if I can pull myself away from this long enough to do that. LOL

more to come....

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