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On this page you will find things that have been sent to me by my friends. Other's have been so kind as to make these pages in honor of their friends and give us the privelege of sharing them with our friends. So, take a look, and if you would like to, send one to a friend. That's what they were made for!

~Friendship Is...~

~You are my Sunshine~

~Magic Sprinkles~

~Send some Sunshine~

~Cat's Meow~


~Trail To My Heart~

~Purple Hug~

~What Is A Friend~

~A Smile~

~I Made A Wish~

~Why Be My Friend~

~My Cyber Friend~

~It's A Beautiful Day~



~60 Things~

~Listen to Me~


~Beary Nice Wishes~

This was sent to me by a very special friend, so it's here where everyone can enjoy it with me. Thanks EBH!!!

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