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Name Index

alphabetical listing of names in my "Family Tree" women are listed by both their maiden and married names

Chiveral, Audrey Thelma

Coon, Elizabeth

Coon, Emmanuel I

Coon, Irene Elizabeth

Coon, Isaac (Abraham?)

Coon, Rhoda Matilda

Dorman(sp), Rhoda Matilda

Finkbonner, Lena Margaret

Lemm, Agnes I (Dollie)

Lemm, Leander

Mackenzie, Frank Kenneth

Mackenzie, Lena

Moreau, Audrey Thelma

Moreau, Everette

Moreau, George

Rapp, Charles

Rapp, John

Searles, Agnes I (Dollie)

Searles, Bert

Searles, Earnest

Searles, Eliza

Searles, Elizabeth

Searles, Emma Jane

Searles, Ida Albertina

Searles, Irene Elizabeth

Searles, Isaac

Searles, Joe

Searles, Kate (Kitty)

Searles, Martha J

Searles, Mary Ann

Searles, Mary J

Searles, Stephen

Searles, William

Slayter, Irene Elizabeth

Slayter, William O

Tupper, Maude

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