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This is a webring linking homepages belonging to Cyber Sister members. If you are interested in joining this webring, and are not already a Cyber Sister member please visit the Cyber Sisters Homepage first to decide if this is a group that you would be interested in belonging to.

Once you are a Cyber Sister member you may come back to this site to follow the neccesary steps to join our webring.

The only requirements for belonging to the Cyber Sisters webring is that you be a Cyber Sister and that your homepages do not contain any offensive material....not a problem right ladies?

New Information

WebRing and Yahoo recently merged, and the procedure for joining a webring has changed.

You must have a Yahoo I.D. in order to sign up for any webring. If you do not already have a Yahoo I.D., you will need to sign up for one at Yahoo.

If you are ready to join, click on the Join Now link on the navigation bar below. If you already have a Yahoo I.D. enter it, and your password under I'm Already Registered With Yahoo. If you do not have a Yahoo I.D., click on Sign Me Up! under I'm A New User.

Within a few days of submitting your site you will be sent an e-mail notifying you of your approval, and containing a link with the necessary code you will need in order to place the navigation bar on your site.

New Navigation Bar

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Old HTML fragment, still functional and in use on many sites.

Any questions? E-mail the ringmaster.